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StorageXpress is an innovative storage and removals company that combines outstanding value with a premier service for all sizes of domestic, commercial or student storage and removal needs.

Hints for Packing

We always recommend that you use professionals to do your packing. All our porters are trained professionals. However if you prefer to do your own packing please follow the advice below:

Don’t wait: Start packing 3 to 4 weeks before your move.

Start by packing the things you use least, such as books, seasonal clothing or sports equipment, and knickknacks.

When packing for a summer move, bag items that may soften in the heat, such as candles, soaps, etc.

Use the opportunity to organise and clear out outdated items you don’t use.

Use strong cardboard boxes – small boxes for heavier items, large boxes for lighter items. Don’t over pack.  We recommend that you use our boxes as then you can be assured that they are good and strong and fit for purpose.

Don’t skimp on packing tape (and always buy more than you think you’ll need).

Pack your books flat, alternating bindings so they stack evenly.

To stay neat, concentrate on packing one room at a time, stacking finished boxes against one wall.

Use your computer to print out labels indicating each box’s source room, and attach to each completed box (also saving valuable unpacking time).

Pack alarm clocks, medication, valuables, and urgent items in a separate, clearly marked box or bag. Make copies of important documents such as wills, contracts, and passports.

Always wrap nuts and bolts and other fixings in a clearly labelled plastic bag.

Empty dressers completely (furniture tends to break more easily if not emptied first).

Beware of hidden costs from less scrupulous movers. The best way of avoiding hidden costs is to provide the movers with as much information as possible at the time of the estimate and to keep a record of your communications.

A good mover should quilt and secure furniture and large items. They should also provide wardrobe boxes on moving day. .

Do not pack flammables like aerosol cans, paints, or gasoline. Carefully dispose of gasoline and oil from machinery beforehand. Don’t pack perishables like frozen foods, produce, or plants – transport these yourself.

Don’t place soaps, sprays, polishes, and medicine in the same box as food.

Don’t pack heavy items with breakables.

Take care of your moving team – tea in the winter or cool drinks in the summer are always greatly appreciated.

Remember that good movers always value feedback – both good and bad.


Q When should I call to arrange my removal or storage?

A: The earlier the better. It’s wise to give your moving company from four to six week’s notice, if possible.

Q What type of company is StorageXpress?

A: We are an independent storage and removals company who care passionately about your goods and the service we provide.  The company owner is personally on hand to answer any concerns you have.

Q What about insurance?

A: We do not carry out any removals without insurance.  The cover is up to £35,000, with any items with a value of over £500 being itemised.  If you require insurance for your goods whilst they are in storage, they can be covered under our “Premium Service” for a small additional charge.

 Q How do you charge?

A: Our removals are charged at a fixed rate or you can use our “man with a van” service which is charged at an hourly rate.  Storage is charged in relation to the space that you use, the more you store, relatively the cheaper it is and we give discounts for long term contracts.  Both storage and removals are payable in advance.

 Q What do I need to do to prepare my appliances for the move?

A: The porters will ensure that your appliances are protected during the move.  However, it is your responsibility to make certain that your dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer and refrigerator are defrosted, drained and or emptied.  You should ensure that all appliances are disconnect and that the drum of your washing machine is secured using the bolts provided when the item was new.

 Q Should I tip my movers?

A: Tipping is a courtesy, not a requirement. It is a generous way of showing the movers that you have appreciated their professionalism.