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A New Way to Store

At StorageXpress we treat our customers as individuals, tailoring our revolutionary storage methods and range of complimentary services to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Business Storage

Treating businesses as individuals to meet their storage needs

At StorageXpress we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best possible service combined with outstanding value for money, thanks to our revolutionary storage method.  Crucially for you as a business, that ensures you have complete flexibility and only ever pay for the space you use.

Only pay for the space you need

StorageXpress’s unique storage solutions ensure you have complete flexibility in how much you store, so you never pay for more space than you need, or find you don’t have enough for your changing requirements.

Flexible storage solutions

The most cost effective solution for your business.  Complete flexibility ensures you only ever need to pay for the space you need, when you need it.

Archive Storage Xpress Delivery

Whether you have one document or a complete archive in storage, StorageXpress’s Xpress Delivery ensures you can have any document delivered to you within 3 hours should you require.

Mobile Storage

Thanks to our secure mobile storage vaults you can sort, pack and store your business belongings from the convenience of your company premises.  When you are done we will transfer the vault to our secure premises.  This vault can be delivered to different offices or branches so you can keep all your items in one place and have them where you need them, when you need them.

No price hikes for your storage duration

At StorageXpress we guarantee the price of your storage will stay the same for the duration of your stay.  No luring deals with a large price hike quickly after, just a simple moto – you only pay for the space you use.


All of our storage facilities are purpose built, indoor buildings covered by CCTV and Red Care alarm services.

Collection & Delivery

Save time, cost and hassle by using our professionally trained removal men to archive, wrap, pack and collect your business’s goods and bring them into storage.  When you need them back, whether all or some of your belongings, just give us a ring and we can return them to you, via our Xpress Delivery Service, within 3 hours.

In-store maintenance

The worst thing about storage is that if things go in broken and dirty, they come out broken and dirty.  StorageXpress offers a truly unique service – at your request we will arrange for any repairs, cleaning, renovation or maintenance of your goods while they are in storage.


With locations in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh we are ideally situated to serve all of your needs.

Archive Storage

Streamline your business by outsourcing your filing system to StorageXpress.  Convert all your floor area into productive space.  By making efficient use of our storage facilities on the peripheries of Edinburgh we can significantly reduce the cost, per square foot, that you are paying to file on site.

StorageXpress can sort, archive, collect, store and deliver when necessary all, or some, of your records.  Using our Xpress Delivery Service you can retrieve your documents within 3 hours.

Whether you have one document box to store or you need us to create and monitor a complete archive system, StorageXpress will provide a bespoke solution that will meet your needs.

Mobile Storage

Minimises the time and cost of storing your company belongings.  Our secure mobile storage vaults can be delivered to your office doors for packing before being transferred to our secure premises, saving your staff time and your business disruption.