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A New Way to Store

At StorageXpress we treat our customers as individuals, tailoring our revolutionary storage methods and range of complimentary services to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Student Storage

The professional ‘student storage’ company

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At StorageXpress we pride ourselves in providing an affordable, safe and hassle free way to store your belongings during the holidays. Our lowest price guarantee ensures you won’t find a better price thanks to our innovative approach to storage – giving you complete flexibility up until the day you come into storage and ensuring you only pay for the space you use.

With our team of professionally trained personnel on hand to advise, collect, store and deliver your belongs, it couldn’t be easier.  Our purpose built secure facilities ensure your valued belongings are safe and looked after until your return.

Each student’s needs are different and so we offer several solutions, of which a few are listed below:

Pallet Deal for £6 a week

By far the most popular student deal providing a cubic meter of space (up to 8 of our standard boxes).  All we ask is that everything is strong, secure and well labelled.

To ensure everybody’s goods are secure we do not accept the following:

  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
  • Firearms, munitions or explosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable or hazardous goods
  • Living plants or animals
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Cash and securities
  • Illegal goods
  • Waste


You’ve got complete flexibility with the amount you store right up to the collection day and will only ever pay for the space you actually use.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss the right solution for you and book your collection date.